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KBOT RX2 - Fibreglass and Tiled
Download KBOT RX2 - Fibreglass and Tiled Product Brochure PDF


KBOT RX2 - Fibreglass and Tiled

The K-Bot RX 2 Ultragrip is an ultra-efficient scrubbing, cleaning and vacuum pool cleaner that is fully independant from the pool filter system.This cleaner is capable of cleaning floors and walls of Tiled or Fibreglass pools. This easy to use and maintain system features intelligent self adjusting software that allows for the cleaner to avoid obstacles. It also has a conveniently removable filter bag for any items and rubbish picked up in the cleaning process.

On top of all this, this particular cleaner comes with a caddy to aid in the transportaion and storage of the cleaner.


-  Ultra grip, climbs tiled and fibreglass walls

-  Cleans pool in 2.5 hours (Automatic timer)

-  For Fibreglass and Tiled pools

-  Caddy included for easy movement of cleaner

-  Power efficient (less than 30 volts DC)

-  Plug in and go

-  Cable never tangles

-  Auto scan for any pool any size

- 4 year warranty

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