Top tips for a top party!

Pool partyBecause Summer is almost here we thought it’s the perfect time to for pool a pool party! Planning to invite a few friends over for a relaxed poolside get together or is having the music blasting and cocktails flowing more your type of party? Whatever your perfect kind of party is, here are a few general tips to help you organise an awesome Summer Fun Pool Party!

Tip 1 Invites!
Besides having a pool of course, the most important element of as party is having people there to celebrate with you! Call up your friends or create themed invitations and start building that guest list.

Tip 2 Good music
The best music for your party depends on the theme & which people you invite, but music is always a great idea at any party. Beach or tropical tunes are a great way to give the party a real ‘Summer feel.

Tip 3 Food and drinks
A good supply of cold drinks are always recommended, especially in the Summer when it is very hot. Put at least 2 big jars with ice cold water, maybe with some lemon, on the table so nobody will be thirsty. A barbeque is always a good idea for a pool party and how about some tropical cocktails!?

Tip 4 Necessities
It is a Summer pool party after all so the sun will be shining and it’s easy to get burnt in the water; so always have enough sunscreen available for your party guests. Also make sure to create some areas of shade so that people can stand out of the sun when it gets too hot or they have gotten sunburnt. Always fun is to have some pool toys in the water, like beach balls or water guns.

Tip 5 Accessories
To really get that Summer mood dress your garden up like if you are in the trops. Get sunshades, umbrella straws, beach balls, fake palm trees and anything more you want to add. Keep everything in the summer theme even the food and drinks. This will make the party even more fun and let you really enjoy the summer.

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6 Tips for Getting your Pool Ready for Summer

Lets have a great summer - Summer vacation retro type design and

Summer is coming soon and the weather is already beautiful at the moment! You’ve hidden away your winter clothes and gathered your shorts, swimming trunks and thongs YOU are ready! But is your pool?
Here are a few tips to help you get your pool Summer ready:

Tip 1
There may be leaves and dirt on the floor of your pool, so use a pool vacuum or automatic cleaner to get the leaves and other dirt out of the pool. Also make sure to empty your pool cleaner every once in a while so it doesn’t get full or clogged. Then top up the water level.

Tip 2
Clean out all the basket and filter systems of your pool. There are normally 2 baskets that need to be cleaned out: skimmer & pump. All leaves that have been skimmed from the top of the water as well as those picked up by automatic cleaner or pool vacuums will be in this skimmer basket. You can leave the cover or pool blanket on the pool when you are doing this, but most important is that don’t empty the pool; leave all the water in. When you are finished cleaning the basket you can turn on the filter, but make sure to check again if it really is clean before you turn it on.

Tip 3
After running the filter for at least 12 hours, test your water, we recommend a professional test so that you know for sure the water is good. We provide FREE water testing at Liverpool pool shop. After the test you will have to balance the chemicals so that your pool is perfectly balanced again. If you are not sure which or how much chemicals you have to use, just stop by our shop or give us a call and we will help you!

Tip 4
Shock treat the water, this will neutralize contaminants and will help raise the available chlorine levels in your pool to make sure the water is nice and clear!

Tip 5
Treat your pool with an algaecide, by doing this early in the season and regularly throughout you will prevent algae from entering your pool.

Tip 6
Keep your pool clean all Summer long, especially if it’s used quite regularly. Therefore, test the water and clean the filters regularly. If you don’t have the time to clean it every week, why not consider our mobile services? We come by your house to check and maintain your pool!
Check out our website for more information about the services we offer and the products we sell. If you have any questions about the chemicals or anything else pool or spa related don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by our shop. We are happy to help you with all of your questions.

Pools of the World: Top 7 Impressive Swimming Spots

Fancy a swim? Check out our pick of the 7 most impressive swimming spots in the world. Whether you’re a safari fan or a pro on the ski slopes, we have found a dream spot for you.

 Indoor pool The Zodiac Pool – Umaid Bhawan Palace, India Inside this 5 star hotel is an indoor art deco pool finished in 1943. As well as being covered in gold tiles, this luxurious pool has the twelve signs of the Zodiac painted on the pool bottom. (source: Wikimedia)
 Outdoor pool One & Only Reethi Rah Resort, Maldives The One & Only Reethi Rah Resort is known as one of the most picturesque resorts in the Maldives’. Situated on unspoilt beaches and surrounded by the islands’ lagoon, this pool sets a new standard for extravagance. (source: Flickr)
 sanctuary pool Sanctuary Swala, Tanzania You can find this amazing pool in the Tarangire National Park. Sit back and relax while you watch the elephants and antelope enjoying the adjacent watering hole. (source: cdn travel)
 Paresa Phuket Paresa Resort, Thailand Overlooking the Andaman Sea, this infinity pool offers the ultimate in al fresco luxury. (source: Paresa Phuket)
 golden pool The St. Regis, Lhasa, Tibet Tibet’s newest resort features this spectacular indoor pool. Guests are able to unwind in opulence in this gold-plated, decadent attraction. (source: cdn travel)
 the cambrian The Cambrian, Switzerland Chill out after a big day on the slopes of the Swiss Alps in this picturesque heated outdoor pool. To add to the luxury, the pool features underwater massaging jets. (source: cdn travel)
 Andrew 'Boy' Charlton pool, Sydney Andrew Boy Charlten Pool, Australia Right in our own backyard, this pool includes the breathtaking Sydney Harbour view. This 8 lane, 50 metre public pool is full of activity during the summer months. (source: the





Swim for Fitness

As the weather starts to warm up, those winter treats now seem to have been a bad idea. It’s time to get fit for the summer and what better way than in the pool! Just 30 to 45 minutes of swimming will start the body toning process, so what are you waiting for?

Young Athlete Triathlon In Front Of A Sunrise


A half-hour swim can burn the same amount of calories as an hour-long brisk walk. Getting toned through swimming is easier because unlike some other forms of exercise, swimming uses both upper and lower body muscles. Other benefits include:

  • Water is twelve times denser than air, so moving through it makes your muscles work harder and results in a more intense workout
  • You weigh less in the water so swimming enables you to work muscles you haven’t used in a while
  • Because swimming is an aerobic exercise, it serves to strengthen the heart, not only helping it to become larger, but making it more efficient in pumping too.

But, just like any exercise, the key is a gradual build up. Remember to stretch before and after. Stretching in the pool is beneficial as you will retain more balance.


If you’re ready to take the plunge, you will need to equip yourself with the following things:

  • A Pool – if you are lucky enough to own your own, clear out the toys and get it exercise ready! If not, then find your local public pool. Local gyms and universities might have a pool too.
  • Exercise-Appropriate Swimsuit – Swimming laps calls for a streamlined swimsuit, no fiddly bikinis or baggy boardshorts allowed. You need a swimsuit with good support and that fits snuggly against your skin, with a zero percent chance of slipping off mid-swim.
  • Goggles – These are handy for keeping the burning chlorine out of your eyes and therefore, let you swim for longer. The temporary Goggle-eye indent is well worth it.
  • Swimming Cap – Think of your fellow pool users for this one. Keep your hair to yourself and also out of your way while you’re in the pool.
  • Swimming Accessories – Public pools and gyms usually have this stuff on hand for you. Kickboards, pull buoys, paddles and other equipment. If you’re at home, then only pick up what you find essential for your everyday routines.


Need some extra oomph to get you going? Try taking some swimming lessons or water aerobics classes at your local gym or pool. There are also private swimming instructors if you prefer a one-to-one lesson.

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Eight tips to have a more eco-friendly pool and pool area!

Eco friendly poolThe fact of having a pool itself can be perceived as not environmentally friendly. But the thing is, you can implement little changes that will minimise the environmental impact of your pool. Here is how:

1. We first recommend you use a pool cover in order to limit evaporation and keep your water quite warm, meaning you don’t have to use the heater as much. An additional advantage of this first tip is that it will reduce your energy bills!

2. Another technique to prevent water evaporation is to install a windbreak around your pool. Most pool owners install a fence around their pools for security reasons, so why not make the most of them and add panels to the fence to prevent the wind from causing excessive evaporation?!

3. Make sure you use an energy efficient pump to keep the running time as its lowest level: no waste of energy! You can use a timer to do most of the pump work in the evenings when you get rate breaks.

4. Choose the right filter according to your pool – you may choose a cartridge one – and do not over use it.

5. Do not waste rainwater but set-up an easy system to collect the rainwater and drive it to your pool to top it up. Do not forget to test and add the right amount of chemicals when adding some water though. You want to be eco-friendly but you do not want to pass on crystal clear water.

6. Just like you, we love having our pool lights on but don’t forget to switch them off when you’re not in the pool anymore. We usually forget this, but it can save you and the planet a lot. You can even consider a timer that will automatically turn off the lights each night at a set time.

7. Solar heating is an obvious environmentally friendly choice over conventional heaters. The initial investment is higher but solar heating is a more cost effective option in the long term as it uses less electricity.

8. And finally, be regular about pool maintenance to make sure the basics such as cleaning the pump or the filter are taken care off. This way, your pool system will have to work less and you won’t waste any energy.

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Time to switch your pool back on for Spring!

Spring Cleaning Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds,Spring is in the air! But before you can enjoy your very first swim of the season, you may want to go through our list of ‘check’ to make sure your pool is ready to welcome you and your family. ‘Switching on’ your pool after winter is not just about uncovering your pool, but also going through a significant number of cleaning check-ups! So once your pool is uncovered make sure you go through all the following steps:


Step 1 – Spring Cleaning!

It’s time to clean everything! From the pump, to the filter, the scale, the walls of your pool, and everything around it. Make sure you do not forget any parts as you want your pool to start fresh for the new season. You can turn your spring cleaning into a fun family afternoon, dividing the tasks between family members. The more the merrier!

tickStep 2 – More water, more chemicals!

Once everything is super clean, it is time to either add water if you emptied your pool for winter, or remove some water if you didn’t empty the pool and the water level is too high due to the amount of rain during winter. Once you’re satisfied with the water level, it’s time to test your water. You can have a look at the correct chemicals level you are supposed to have right here as well as our advice to have the correct levels.

tickStep 3 – Test, Test and re-test

Once you have the correct level of water and chemicals in your pool, do not forget to regularly test them. Some significant variations may occur while getting your pool back on track after a long winter. We recommend testing your water at least twice a week for a month. Be very mindful of the pH and chlorine levels.

tickStep 4 – How many supplies do you have left?

Time to re-organize your storage area, make an inventory list and check the expiration dates of all the chemicals you have! Make your storage area a well-organized place where it is easy to find the right product, throw away expired products and buy the right amount of chemicals to last for the coming months.

tickStep 5– ENJOY

And now, it is time for your well-deserved, first swim of the season!

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12 Facts about Australian Swimming & Pools

  1. Only 11.7% of Australian homes have pools!
  2. The states and territories covering Australia’s north had the highest proportion of households with swimming pools: Northern Territory 28.9%, Queensland 17.9% and Western Australia 15.4%. The southernmost state, Tasmania had the lowest proportion of households with swimming pools (3.8%).
  3. Above ground pools 9.8%, in ground pools 2.0%.
  4. Only 2.4% of Australian homes have an outdoor spa.
  5. The Australian swimming season averages around 8 months long. It begins with the September school holidays and ends after ANZAC Day (April, 25th).
  6. Australia has 47 Olympic-size swimming pools.
  7. Swimming is what Australia’s do best. Our most Olympic medals come from Swimmers: Ian Thorpe with 9 medals (5 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze) and Leisel Jones with 9 medals (3 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze).Australian Lifesavers
  8. Swimming is one of the best ways to keep fit. It strengthens lungs, and can exercise almost all of your body. It is also recommended for people who are recovering from injuries as it is has low impact levels.
  9. An hour of vigorous swimming will burn up to 650 calories. It burns off more calories than walking or biking.
  10. Australia’s has voted the Bondi Icebergs as the best public pool in Australia.
  11. Swimming was a popular activity in sea baths on Sydney Harbour from about 1830, but men and women were not allowed to swim in the pool at the same time.
  12. Surf lifesaving originated in Australia, but both Bronte Surf Lifesaving Club and Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club claim to be the world’s first.

3 Non Australian (but very interesting) Facts

  1. The highest dive from a diving board is 53.9, by Olivier Favre (Switzerland) at Villers-le-Lac, France on 30 August 1987.
  2. The bikini swimsuit was named after a U.S. nuclear testing site in the South Pacific called Bikini Atoll.
  3. The world’s biggest pool is in The San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile. It is over 480 meters long and took almost 5 years to build.

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Six Reasons Why Your Pool Needs a Blanket

In Sydney, we enjoy beautiful weather most of the year with the feeling that summer is constantly around the corner. So, sometimes that means pool owners forget to consider
getting a blanket for their pool.

There are many reasons why a blanket may beneficial for your pool, but here are the top six.

Blue Solar Pool Cover


1.  A Pool Blanket Means A Longer Swimming Season
A pool blanket acts like big woolly jumper and keeps your pool from losing heat during the cooler times of day and night. This creates a warmer pool for longer for your family. Pool blankets are perfect for backyards that have a lot of shade throughout the day.

2.  A Pool Blanket Means You Save Time and Money
A pool blanket, when used correctly, can work as an investment. Not only do they prevent unnecessary evaporation (up to 50%) but also result in less chlorine or salt being needed.

3.  A Pool Blanket Means Less Chemicals
Who doesn’t like the sound of using fewer chemicals? Save your family from the all-too-familiar ‘pool eyes’ by reducing the amount of chemicals in the water. A pool cover can reduce chemicals by up to 60%!

4.  A Pool Blanket Means A Cleaner Pool
When it’s on, a blanket will protect your pool from falling leaves and twigs, which will result in less pool vacuuming. It will also protect your pool from becoming a hangout for insects, toads, ducks and other water-loving creatures.

5.  A Pool Blanket Means Less Pool Fuss
A blanket roller removes any hassle of covering or uncovering your pool. Using a roller, either one can be done in one minute or less! The roller will also tidy up your pool’s appearance and reduce wear and tear of your pool blanket.

6.  A Pool Blanket Means Energy Efficiency
If you heat your pool, a pool cover means great energy savings. Covering up will save your pool from needless evaporation and could save heating costs of 50% – 70%!

But remember, for your pool blanket to give you the best results and all these benefits, it needs to be fitted by a professional. Want to see more? See what kind of pool blankets and rollers we offer.

How to make the pool area safe for kids

It is a frequently discussed topic in the (Australian) media: Children who got in danger in and around water. Not only open waters like lakes or the sea but also (private) swimming pools can be full of danger. Only telling your children to stay away from the water when they are not (yet) able to swim is not always a proper solution. Sometimes other simple things are necessary to protect the little ones from getting themselves in danger. We listed some useful tips which can be easily applied and make sure your kid is safe.

Portrait of little girl wearing water wings relaxing on edge of
Make sure that all kids in the pool area without a swimming certificate wear armbands. This is specifically necessary when you are not able to constantly supervise them. If a child accidently falls into the water he/she will always float which gives you the time to quickly make your way to the pool. Armbands can be taken off once they know how to swim!

Pool Shoes
Not only the water itself but also the area around the pool can be dangerous because of the slippery tiles. Make sure that children wear pool shoes or other water repellent footwear. Also make sure to have some spare pool shoes in house in case guests come over.

Pool covers can prevent your pool water from getting dirty or even keep the warmth of the water. If you already own one why not make more use of it? You can easily cover the pool every time it is not being used. This indicates that the pool area is closed and that kids have to stay away from it.

Paddling pool
Give the little ones with their own paddling pool! It is still highly recommended to keep an eye on the kids whilst they play in their pool, however there is less temptation for them to approach the ‘adult’ swimming pool. Make sure to place the paddling pool away from the main swimming pool, as well as their playing area(s) in general.

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Myths: All about Swimming

Myths – everyone knows them, everyone talks about them. But what is right and what is wrong?

Myth 1: You don’t get sunburnt in the waterMyth Vs Reality
This prejudice needs to be eliminated as the exact opposite is the case. Sun rays can reach up to one meter into the water. Apart from them reaching you through the water, sun rays are reflected from the water surface and their force is many times stronger. This mainly affects parts of the body above the water line, so regular sunscreen application is a must.

Myth 2: Do not go into the water with a full stomach
Doesn’t this remind you of your parents’ warnings? “Swimming with a full stomach will give you stomach cramps!” Is it true? There is no increased risk for people who go swimming after eating. However, we can note that a full stomach prevents swimmers from performing at their best level as the body is busy with the digestive process of the stomach.

Myth 3: Chlorine ‘roughens’ your hair and turns blonde hair green
Chlorine does in fact have a “roughening” effect on hair. Its specific effect on your hair depends on the type of chlorine, the level of chlorine in the water and how long your hair is in contact with the chlorine. After swimming in a swimming pool hair should be rinsed out with clean water to prevent the hair from roughening too much. Naturally blond or coloured hair can take on a greenish shade. This is not due to the chlorine in the pool, but because of the copper content in the water, which binds with the hair proteins. Fair-haired swimmers might consider putting a bathing cap on or using specific shampoos that assist in removing copper.

Myth 4: Swimming is bad for people with asthma
This is not true! Experts actually recommend swimming for asthma patients. It is one of the best and healthiest forms of exercise that people who suffer from asthma can do. While swimming, they breathe in the air near the surface of the water that is warmer and more humid (moist) in comparison to normal air. It also helps increase the volume of the lungs and its functions and is a healthy form of exercise for people of all ages.

Myth 5: Swimming is good for the back
Basically, all experts agree. Swimming strengthens the back muscles and prevents painful tension and poor posture. But swimming for people who already have back problems, especially with the spine, can rather harm the body. Especially inexperienced swimmers, who stretch their neck backwards to breathe better, put too much pressure on their cervical vertebrae and neck muscles and thereby trigger spasms and tension.

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