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Irritated Eyes primarily caused by Chlorine?

Irritated eyes

We’ve seen it happen quite often:

- Children coming out of the pool rubbing their eyes

- Parents claiming that it’s definitely because of an excess of chlorine in the pool.

- Consequently, the poor child is not allowed to go into the pool for the rest of the day


This belief that there is an excess of chlorine in the pool is in fact myth! In fact, it’s due to a couple of factors:

First, it is the fact that water in general, regardless of being chlorinated or not, will cause dryness in our eyes and thus cause irritation.

Second, it’s the pH level of our pools. When the pH levels of our pools stray too far from the body’s natural pH balance of 7.4-7.6, it can cause irritation.

Finally, it is the presence of chloramines in the pool that can cause irritation. Chloramines form when chlorine combines with what comes out of or washes off the swimmers’ body (sweat, urine, personal care products etc.).

The truth is that chlorine reacts with sweat, body oils and cosmetics to form products that are irritating and make things worse for the swimmer, forming chloramines.

It is then advised for the benefit of our own pools and those who use it, here are hygiene tips:

- Shower before getting into the pool. Each unshowered swimmer adds their dirt, body oil and sweat to the pool!

- Remember to take the kids out for bathroom breaks often so the pool is kept free from any unwanted accidents that chlorine cannot deal with

- Make sure there is the right amount of chlorine in the pool as it in fact is your first line of defence that can make swimmers sick. It guards against bacteria and viruses that can cause conjunctivitis, stomach upset, swimmer’s ear and irritated skin. If you’re unsure of your pH and chlorine levels in your pool, you can order 6 in 1 test strips or drop in with your water to our store for a free test.

Source: http://www.gachd.org/hot-topic/its_not_chlorine_in_the_pool_t.php


5 tips for things to do to keep your skin look & feel great after swimming

Yes we love swimming but no we don’t like our after-swimming skin: itchy, red, dry, cracked or even wrinkled.

Woman with soft skin after swimming

The following five tips can help you keep a soft skin even if you’re swimming a lot.

1)     It may seem a little obvious but the first skin-care tip we can give you is to drink water! Before and after swimming. Why? Because dehydration make it harder to restore your body’s natural moisture.

2)     Right after a good swimming session, take a long bath or shower and put loads of moisturizer on your skin. Most of the cream will be absorbed and your skin will thank you for this.

3)     Wash your swimming costume with fresh water immediately after you come out of the pool to get rid of the chlorine.

4)     If, after your shower,  your skin is still:

  • Itchy or red = Put some ice cubes in a clean towel and rub it over your skin to reduce the itchiness or redness.
  • Dry = instead of applying a simple moisturizing cream, try Baby Oil or Vaseline.

5)     Supplement your diet with nutrients rich in vitamin E and C. Whilst vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, vitamin E improves the skin’s moisture retention capability.

If your skin often feels irritated after swimming, try changing the type of chemicals you use for your pool maintenance. Try our Soft Swim range for example; this is a revolutionary and very skin friendly mineral pool maintenance range.

Also please note that the chemical balance and cleanliness of your pool is an important factor in maintaining skin health. See one of our previous blogs such as the Four Easy Cleaning Steps for your pool for some useful tips.

Do you have any question or doubts? Feel free to contact one of our experts!

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