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Irritated Eyes primarily caused by Chlorine?

Irritated eyes

We’ve seen it happen quite often:

- Children coming out of the pool rubbing their eyes

- Parents claiming that it’s definitely because of an excess of chlorine in the pool.

- Consequently, the poor child is not allowed to go into the pool for the rest of the day


This belief that there is an excess of chlorine in the pool is in fact myth! In fact, it’s due to a couple of factors:

First, it is the fact that water in general, regardless of being chlorinated or not, will cause dryness in our eyes and thus cause irritation.

Second, it’s the pH level of our pools. When the pH levels of our pools stray too far from the body’s natural pH balance of 7.4-7.6, it can cause irritation.

Finally, it is the presence of chloramines in the pool that can cause irritation. Chloramines form when chlorine combines with what comes out of or washes off the swimmers’ body (sweat, urine, personal care products etc.).

The truth is that chlorine reacts with sweat, body oils and cosmetics to form products that are irritating and make things worse for the swimmer, forming chloramines.

It is then advised for the benefit of our own pools and those who use it, here are hygiene tips:

- Shower before getting into the pool. Each unshowered swimmer adds their dirt, body oil and sweat to the pool!

- Remember to take the kids out for bathroom breaks often so the pool is kept free from any unwanted accidents that chlorine cannot deal with

- Make sure there is the right amount of chlorine in the pool as it in fact is your first line of defence that can make swimmers sick. It guards against bacteria and viruses that can cause conjunctivitis, stomach upset, swimmer’s ear and irritated skin. If you’re unsure of your pH and chlorine levels in your pool, you can order 6 in 1 test strips or drop in with your water to our store for a free test.

Source: http://www.gachd.org/hot-topic/its_not_chlorine_in_the_pool_t.php


How to make the pool area safe for kids

It is a frequently discussed topic in the (Australian) media: Children who got in danger in and around water. Not only open waters like lakes or the sea but also (private) swimming pools can be full of danger. Only telling your children to stay away from the water when they are not (yet) able to swim is not always a proper solution. Sometimes other simple things are necessary to protect the little ones from getting themselves in danger. We listed some useful tips which can be easily applied and make sure your kid is safe.

Portrait of little girl wearing water wings relaxing on edge of
Make sure that all kids in the pool area without a swimming certificate wear armbands. This is specifically necessary when you are not able to constantly supervise them. If a child accidently falls into the water he/she will always float which gives you the time to quickly make your way to the pool. Armbands can be taken off once they know how to swim!

Pool Shoes
Not only the water itself but also the area around the pool can be dangerous because of the slippery tiles. Make sure that children wear pool shoes or other water repellent footwear. Also make sure to have some spare pool shoes in house in case guests come over.

Pool covers can prevent your pool water from getting dirty or even keep the warmth of the water. If you already own one why not make more use of it? You can easily cover the pool every time it is not being used. This indicates that the pool area is closed and that kids have to stay away from it.

Paddling pool
Give the little ones with their own paddling pool! It is still highly recommended to keep an eye on the kids whilst they play in their pool, however there is less temptation for them to approach the ‘adult’ swimming pool. Make sure to place the paddling pool away from the main swimming pool, as well as their playing area(s) in general.

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Seven pool safety rules to teach your kids

The number of swimming pool drownings in Australia doubled last year and the number of pool accidents continues to rise. Children tend to get very excited around pools, of course you don’t want to take the joy of playing in a pool away from them, but making sure they are save is vital. Here are seven basic safety rules you could to teach your kids to make sure swimming pools remain a fun and a great thing to have at home!bigstock-Health-and-safety-22949744 1. Never let your kids go in or around the pool if there is no adult to supervise. If you are the adult, do not leave them alone, even for a minute. Take all you need with you (phone, sunscreen, towels etc.) when you are going out to the pool with the kids. If you need to go back inside, ask the kids to go out from the pool and sit for a minute.

2. Kids love playing in the water. That’s fine but one rule should be to not run around the pool as the floor gets slippery and hazardous really quickly.

3. Ask your kids to not push or jump on others as they can accidentally hurt someone or themselves.

4. Do not allow glass or potential hazards in the pool area as kids won’t be wearing shoes and could trip over them.

5. Toys should not be on the edge of the pool as children might tip over them and hurt themselves badly.

6. Do not allow your kids to go to the pool with part of the pool cover still covering it, they could get trapped under it. Always take off the cover entirely.

7. Do not explain to them how to open the pool gate, that way they will be forced to wait for you to go to the pool.

We hope these tips helped!

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