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Swimming with your baby in the pool

Swimming with your baby in the poolswimming baby

Did you know that a baby can go swimming only a few days after they are born? If you would like your baby to be a good swimmer, it may be a great idea to get them to start swimming lessons early. But if mum wants to swim together with the baby, remember that it is important to wait six weeks after birth for health reasons. So if you want to swim together with your little one here are a few tips to take care of:


Tip 1 –Pool temperature

You have to make sure that the water is warm enough. A good temperature for the baby is around 32 degrees Celsius, so check the temperature first before you get in the water. We can also check and test that for you if you need. If the water is warm enough it is important to keep the water up to the shoulders of the baby so that they will be kept warm. Babies lose heat quicker than adults do, so if he starts to shiver get him out the pool and wrap him in a towel to keep him warm!

Tip 2 –Sessions in the water

You baby is not used to being in the water so start with a swimming session of 10 minutes and not any longer than that. After they’ve been in the water a few times you can build up the sessions up to 20 minutes. The maximum time for swimming session for a baby should be no longer than 30 minutes.

Tip 3 –Rinse pool water off

Make sure that you wash the chlorine water off the baby after swimming. It is very important to wash it off every time so that your baby doesn’t get irritated by it. If your baby does have skin problems after swimming, please check with your GP as soon as possible. To prevent this as much as you can, it is important to test the water every time before you go in the water or at least once a week. We can help you with this by conducting a FREE water test for you from our Liverpool pool shop. If you are not sure, we can always help you with that, with our mobile service.

Tip 4 –Dinner time

Just like adults, it is not a good idea to go swimming right after eating. Your stomach will still be processing your food and it can cause cramps. This rule applies for your baby also, which is why you should take at least 30 minutes between their milk and their swimming time. If your baby already eats solid food, remember to take an hour between eating and swimming.

And of course the most important tip is: ENJOY the swim! It is fun and good for both of you. Play with your little one and let them love the water. If you ever have questions about the conditions of your pool don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by our shop we are happy to help you with all of your questions.