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4 Ways to love your Swimming Pool more

Can you remember why you bought your pool or a house with a pool attached to it? The feelings of excitement and anticipation of jumping and enjoying the pool? Just like we take people for granted at times, we can also take our pools for granted. But at the end of the day, we love our pools because they provide not only us, but our friends and family a way to come together and have fun and relax. If the pool out the back feels a little unused and unloved, here are three ways you can love your swimming pool more.

  1. Customise, customise and customise

The type of lifestyle you live should be complemented by the pool. So if it’s adding some nice outdoor furniture, in-pool lighting, ambience lighting, a wireless sound system, a hammock or even a pool lounge with a cup holder. You want to add a personal touch to your pool to make the experience that much better for you. Customising your pool and its surrounding is just one way you can make your love for getting into or sitting around the pool on a warm day grow.

2. Remember to have fun

For those that have kids, we know that sometimes the kids take over the pool, but it doesn’t mean us adults can’t enjoy it too! Remember it’s something that should bring you all together. So maybe consider planning a day together with the family by the pool where you cook, play and spend time together. The pool should bring your family together not divide it!

  1. Remember to have fun

Swimming is about enjoying the water, don’t just go in for laps but have fun diving, bombing, playing games, splashing, volley balling, water gun squirting and making up new strokes!

  1. Here’s some inspiration

Finally, if you need some inspiration, here are 25 of the most fascinating swimming pools from around the world to get your mind flying to places you never thought.

These are just 4 ways you can love your pool more. Remember it’s about what you want to get out of your pool. And when you begin to satisfy what you’ve always wanted from your pool, you’ll find yourself loving it more and enjoying the time you spend maintaining it rather than seeing it as a hassle. We’d love to help out with any maintenance or free testing you may need done to make your pool run and look just like new, so feel free to contact us by clicking here. We’d love to help you love your pool more than ever this summer.

Here’s to loving your pool more!

7 Tips to Enjoy Your Summer

The Summer holidays are here! It’s hot, there’s time to spare and you’re getting restless staying at home. But what type of things can you get up to over the holidays to really enjoy them? We’ve come up with a short list of suggestions we feel you might like for the holidays.

1.       Travel

Feeling wanderlust? Then feed it with some travelling! You can always visit local gems within your state, head interstate, or even overseas to clear the cobwebs! Travelling is a great way for you to come back from the holidays feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2015.

2.       Don’t stay indoors all summer!

Remember that a screen isn’t all there is to life! It’s okay to leave it for a while and get outside to enjoy the sun and the weather. Explore the outdoors, meet some people, find new cafes and pubs or even lounge around the pool.

3.       Deepen relationships

There’s nothing better to know that you have valuable and meaningful relationships around you. Why not take the holidays to call your partner, family or friend out for a catch up? It doesn’t take long, and the investment into the relationship will be priceless.

4.       Enjoy the cold foods!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! There are so many great cold foods that taste better when it’s hot. Ice cream, frozen yoghurt, cold fruits and frappes are just some that we recommend and enjoy.

5.       Summer clothing

It’s time to whip out the clothing you bought in anticipation for summer or even better, for those that need retail therapy, head out to the shops with friends to find a great new summer look.

6.       Summer projects

Always had an ambition to learn a new skill or create something? Use this time wisely to learn some new skills, or get your creative juices going and look to build something!

7.       Remember to relax

Finally, remember that these are the holidays! You’re allowed to take it easy, so relax. Find a book, get a new album worth listening to, walk around the park and then lie down on a picnic rug in the middle of it, get a massage or even just sleep in. You have these days so you can rest, recharge and experience the days to their fullest, so don’t neglect your own relaxation and recover.

We hope you’ve found something to help you enjoy your summer vacation with a bit of a kick! And remember, the team at the Pool Shop Liverpool is dedicated to you, the customer, to enjoy summer J If you have any questions about the chemicals or anything else pool / spa related don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by our shop. We are happy to help you with all of your questions.

Happy Holidays!