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Your Robotic Friend

Have you always wondered what it would be like to sit down, relax and let a robot do the work? With our busy lifestyles, time has become a precious commodity. Nowadays a smartly designed computer can even clean your swimming pool! Due to all this new technology maintaining a backyard pool can me made way easier.

The Pool Specialist Group offers a wide range of powerful robotic pool cleaning systems, which will save you hours and hours of your time. Pump & Pool People and Pool Shop Liverpool stock and highly recommend the Kreepy Krauly automatic swimming pool cleaners because their products and accessories are of a high quality and the most advanced technology. It is necessary to keep the water clear and clean with pool water testing, to avoid having to replace the pool water during the year and/or increase the use of products to bring the water clarity back to the correct degree of chemical balance.

There is a cleaning system for every type of pool and for every specific costumer need. The kind of robot that fits your needs depends on the size and shape of your pool as well as on the price you are willing to pay for it. Also the amount of options (e.g. whether it can clean the walls or not) may influence your preference.

The average robot will need 2.5-3 hours of cleaning for it to be finished. When it is finished it will automatically switch off. Once the robot is done cleaning all that is left for you to do is removing the filter that contains all the dirt from your pool. Clean the filter and let it air dry before replacing it. After this final step you (and your family and friends) are ready to enjoy a refreshing dive into the pool!

For the most up to date information about all types of high quality pool cleaners please visit our showroom – one of the largest in Australia – for friendly and professional advice.

The Pool Specialists Group

Kreepy Krauly Automatic Cleaner

Tips to protect your pool for Winter

The days have started to feel colder, temperatures are definitely lower than a few weeks ago… this doesn’t only have an effect on you and your choices of wardrobe, it also effects your pool!

So here are some tips for you to protect your pool and get it ready for winter.

1) Clean the filters – Your pool filters should be cleaned at least once a year. Why? It gets rid of those stubborn oils and debris that are missed during backwashing or hosing. Cleaning these filters will also improve its efficiency! Not sure what to clean it with? Try BioGuard’s Filter Brite.

2) Clean the exposed pool surfaces – those dirty marks and lines that build up over summer (around the water line) are an ideal food source for bacteria and algae. So make sure to remove them! You could try the BioGuard Sueaky Clean surface cleaner to do this.

3) Clean the pool skimmer box – Remove any debris from your pool and the skimmer box.

4) TEST – Have the water in your pool tested to make sure that it is balanced. We advise to get it professionally tested monthly during winter. See our website for more information on our FREE water testing services. Having the pool water correctly balanced isn’t just better for your health and skin but also means that your pool chemicals will be working more efficiently. Therefore, in order to not waste money, reduce the risk of damaging the surface and equipment of your pool it is vital to keep the water balanced.

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