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Swimming pool trends – what is the latest?

Small or big, kidney shape or rectangular, narrow or wide! There are thousands of different swimming pools around the world. A simple swimming pool in the backyard seems to be past. The evolving design and usage of swimming pools makes it become the space for relaxation, leisure and entertainment for both family and friends. But what is the current design trend?

Beautiful fireplace by the pool

Here is a brief overview of some current trends that might give you
ideas of how to design your very own pool!

#1: Saltwater Chlorination: By switching to saltwater chlorination
swimming pool owners strive to reduce the use of chlorine. It gives the
swimmers a more natural feeling while swimming.

#2: Fire & Water: Combining the element fire with water has become admired by many swimming pool owners. The fire gives the swimming pool a beautiful aesthetic look especially when the light reflects on the water.

#3: Characteristic Materials: The more characteristic materials are added the more personality the swimming pool gets. Glass tiles, pebbles and stones in the finish give the swimming pool not only a stunning aesthetic look but also a unique touch.

#4: Built-in Ledges and Bars: One of the top benefits that swimming pools provide is relaxation. Built-in ledges allow people to enjoy tanning and lounging at the same time. Another great idea is a swim up bar that enables people to enjoy a beverage while being in the water.

#5: Sport Pools: Many swimming pool owners prefer to have the same depth level from the beginning to the end of the pool. This new trend enables people to practice sports and fitness in the pool. Not only does it make lap swimming easier but also games like volleyball and basketball are easier to play in a level pool.

#6: Energy Efficiency and Automation: The easiest way for swimming pool owners to save money and energy is by making use of energy efficient pool pumps and heaters. A solar cover can be added as well in order to minimise water evaporation. Controlling automatically is attractive to pool owners since they can determine when their pool pumps and heaters should run and on top switch on lights and jets automatically.

#7: Outdoor Living Rooms: Since the pool is a central location to relax and entertain outdoor living rooms have become popular. Especially during the summer people can use the chance to cool off. Outdoor kitchens with trendy furnishings permit people to enjoy a great meal in the backyard while having a great view of the pool.

We hope you found this information helpful and that you possibly gained some inspiration for your own pool! Would you like more information and regular updates?

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Swimming to stay fit – why not start now?

Swimming is known for being one of the healthiest sport activities around the world. What makes it so special is the fact that it is a great low-impact workout for people of all ages and conditions. Pregnant women, people struggling with obesity, rehabilitation patients, seniors and even babies benefit from fun in the water. Why not you? You can’t swim with iPods, mobile phones, laptops or any other electronic devices. That is a great chance to stop the interruptions and to allow you to relax and feel good.

Swimming is great because it:Elderly couple in swimming pool
1) Is a relaxing and peaceful workout
2) Reduces stress
3) Advances coordination, balance and posture
4) Enhances flexibility
5) Is a healthy low-impact therapy for some injuries
and conditions
6) Is an enjoyable way to cool down
7) Is practicable in various places (swimming pools, beaches, rivers, dams and lakes).

Why swimming is good for you

Before you jump in:

1) Be sure you know how to swim.
2) Pick out a safe environment.
3) Get ready before you jump in the water by doing a quick warm up and by stretching your muscles and joints.
4) Make sure you have drinks close to you and drink regularly.
5) Don’t carry it to excess if you just started your workout.
6) Get a check-up at the doctor if you haven’t trained for a longer period.

Last but not least: Have you ever noticed that most people coming from the swimming pool are in a good mood? The relaxing effect of water has a positive impact on the psyche!

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