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How to be the best pool party planner EVER!








Who does not LOVE a pool party? If you too you want to throw a pool party at your place for your friends, follow our tips to become the best pool party host ever!

1 – Beach party, Vegas Night or Pirate?
Picking a theme is the starting point to organizing a great pool party. Go for a popular, easy and funny theme that suits the age range (i.e. kids or adults) of the people you want to invite. This will help you find and choose some great decorations for in and around the pool.

2 – Music Maestro
A party is not a real party without music. Take some time to create several playlists to last through the day or night. Make sure to have enough music on there. You don’t want to be spending your time being the DJ during the party instead of enjoying it with your friends.

3 – PLAY
Have a look at our previous article to never run out of game ideas, this will help ensure that your guests never get bored!

4 – Time to go shopping
Make sure to have enough for everyone: noodles and toys and do not forget the plastic cups and plates. You do not want run the risk of broken glass in or around the pool area.
Also, feel free to ask your friends to bring some furniture such as umbrellas or small tables. Remind them to bring their own towels but be prepared just in case they forget!

5 – Food & Drinks
Are you worried about serving alcohol? Why not have an ‘alcohol free’ party with delicious fresh fruit cocktails? Also, if you would like to cook for your guests, keep it simple and fresh: BBQ, salad, watermelon, chips and guacamole for example!

Now you are ready! Have fun!

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