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10 Swimming Pool Games For Kids AND Adults

bigstock-Family-Having-Fun-In-Swimming--39238069At Pool Shop Liverpool, we do our absolute best to assist you in your daily use and maintenance of your swimming pool, and we know that having a perfectly clean pool is useless if no one is enjoying it right?

That is why we have put together our top 10 pool game ideas for the entire family. Let’s all jump into the pool and have a good time!

1 – Bottle race

Take an empty bottle and remove the wrapper. Ask the other players to stand on the edge of the pool with their backs to the water. Fill the bottle with pool water and drop it somewhere in the pool. As soon as you say ‘Go’ all players get to turn around and jump into the water. The person to find the bottle first is the winner!

2 – Noodle race
Make teams of 2 (you will need at least 2 teams). Each player in the game has to have his or her own noodle. Ask all players to stand on the edge of the pool. When the race starts, the first player of each team jumps into the pool with the noodle and is to swim to the other edge of the pool and back. He/she touches the 2nd player’s hand who then does the same. The first team with two players out of the pool wins!

3 – Treasure hunt
Gather coins for a total amount of $4. Throw all the coins in the pool and ask each team to find exactly $2. The winner is the 1st team that gets out of the pool with the right amount of money.

4 – Guess who I am
Make teams of a minimum of 2 people each. Everyone has to write 5 animals on 5 different pieces of paper and put them all in a jar. One after the other, one player of each team takes a piece of paper and jumps into the water imitating the animal written on the paper. His/her team has to guess what he/she is imitating. If the team guesses the right answer, the team keeps the piece of paper, if not, they put back the piece of paper into the jar. Once the jar is empty, the winner is the team with the most pieces of paper.

5 – Balloon race
Make teams of two, each of which get one balloon filled with water. The players of each team stand face to face, one on each side of the pool. When the game starts each team member is close to the edge of the pool. They throw the balloon to their teammate. If the balloon falls into the water or explodes, your team loses. If it doesn’t, both team members take a small step backwards. The winner is the last team left with a balloon.

6 – Dolphin relay
Each team has a ball. Each team member is standing in the pool, one player on each side of the pool facing each other, back against the wall. One side starts: the player can only move the ball with their nose while they are swimming. Once the 1st player arrives on the other side of the pool, the 2nd starts. The winner is the first team with the 2nd player out of the pool after crossing the pool moving the ball with his/her nose. If anyone uses his or her hands, the person should start again from the beginning.

7 – Watermelon race
This is an individual race; players must swim from one end of the pool to the other with a watermelon between their legs. If the watermelon is lost, the player starts again. The first player touching the edge of the pool wins.

8 – Marco Polo
One person is chosen to be “it”. Once the game starts, this person closes his/her eyes and counts to 10 while the rest of the players swim away from him/her. When he/she arrives at number 10, no one moves. The “it” person keeps his/her eyes closed. He yells “Marco! The others have to respond with “Polo”. Using their voices, “it” tries to find them in the pool. The 1st person to be touched becomes the next “it” person.

9 – Shark in the water
Allocate one player to be the shark. The shark starts in the water; all the other players jump into the pool and have to swim to the edge of the pool. If a player gets ‘tapped’ by the shark they become the new shark. All players are only allowed to stay out of the pool for a maximum of 5 seconds a time.

10 – Cannonball splash
The players are lined up at the edge of the pool. One or more people are nominates as judges that who assign points for each splash. The player that creates the biggest and best splash wins the game.

We’d love it if you give your opinion about the games you’ve tried and suggest new ideas on our Facebook page!


When playing games in the pool, there should be an adult present at all times ensuring everyone is safe. Make sure to identify each child’s swimming skills before playing any game. Kids should not be encouraged to engage in dangerous activities or run around pools.